041: Investing in Leadership with Joni Fedders

About this Episode

Entrepreneurs and the “heads” of an organization often find themselves unwilling to be vulnerable. In turn, this can cause leaders to work out of a mindset of fear rather than with a mindset of opportunity.

Aileron has created a space to solve this issue.

With Aileron’s LIFT event, there is now a community where entrepreneurs and leaders

Scott McGohan and Joni Fedders inside the podcast studio
Aileron President, Joni Fedders joins Scott McGohan on Side Affects.

can re-energize and learn from one another.

In this episode of Side Affects, McGohan Brabender CEO Scott McGohan is joined by President of Aileron, Joni Fedders.

Scott McGohan and Joni Fedders take a look at leadership and how the new LIFT event solves a huge problem that leaders often face. See the notes and resources section below to learn more about Aileron, LIFT, and the topics discussed on this episode of Side Affects.

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About our Guest

For over 14 years, Joni Fedders has served as President of Aileron. As President, Fedders directs Aileron’s strategic direction and more. Scott McGohan and Joni Fedders inside the podcast studio

Prior to Aileron, Joni created a company alongside her husband named, AFKelly. She has been named on the “Forty Under Forty” list by the Dayton Business Journal and has received the honor of being named one of Dayton’s Most Influential Women

To learn more about Joni and Aileron, head over to their website at aileron.org

About LIFT

LIFT is an annual event held by Aileron in Tip City, Ohio.

The event brings some of the brightest and best leaders in the country to collaborate, share, and learn how to better their leadership skills.

Guests include, but are not limited to:

See below for the entire list of guests and topics.

Notes and Resources


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