039: Giving Back

“Volunteering is purpose driven. Keeping that information in the dark is not health. You need advocates.” – Scott McGohan

About this Episode

Giving back isn’t just a kind gesture. Volunteering provides numerous positive outcomes.

In fact, according to studies by National Service, volunteering boosts both mental and physical health in those who volunteered.

And lots of companies are starting to take notice of these health results!

Companies such as McGohan Brabender are starting to put together social responsibility plans. For McGohan Brabender, the organization has found that having employees give back allows many employees the opportunity to feel appreciated for a good deed they ‘re passionate about.

Anne Marie and Scott McGohan on Side Affects

Scott McGohan and Anne Marie Singleton inside the McGohan Brabender Social Media Studio

As an organization, CEO of McGohan Brabender, Scott McGohan believes that volunteering allows your brand to tell its story. Through these stories, leaders can expand both teamwork and leadership skills while helping others connect with your brand.

The best part about it, incorporating a social responsibility plan doesn’t cost you money because your organization is most likely already participating.

Together, Anne Marie Singleton and Scott McGohan share ways your employees and company can benefit by giving back.039 Side Affects

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