038: Value-Based Health Care

About this Episode

Value based healthcare or pay-for-value is the latest innovation in the health care industry.

This trend will not be going away soon, either.

McGohan Brabender Shareholder, Anne Marie believes this new model will change the way we receive care so far. Currently, health care is set up in a way, unlike any other industry. In that, patients pay the doctor or hospital for their service whether the patient gets better or not.

Value Based Healthcare is the evolution from this fee for service model into a value based model.

Typically, primary care provers are compensated at the lowest level, yet these individuals have the biggest impact on their workplace. With the growth of Telemedicine and other more convenient, affordable options, millions of individuals have access to primary care. However, the question becomes – who is really managing the disease state?

In this episode of Side Affects, Anne Marie Singleton and Scott McGohan discuss Value-Based healthcare. Specifically, they share why this model is important, the impact it can potentially have on employers, the number one priority for your workforce and more.

See below to listen to this episode of Side Affects.

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