037: Performance Improvement with Greg Harmeyer

About this Episode

Leaders of organizations often have a clear vision on where to lead their organization.

But even if the CEO has the right idea on where to take the company, transcending that through layers of management and leadership can prove difficult.

In this episode of Side Affects, McGohan Brabender CEO is joined by CEO and founding partner, Greg Harmeyer of Tier1 Performance Solutions.


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Greg Harmeyer joins Scott McGohan inside McGohan Brabender’s Social Media Studio

Tier 1 Performance Solutions

Tier1 Performance Solutions works with a multitude of organizations, including PNC, McDonald’s and Cintas. Their strategic training and development programs are designed to improve the performance of people.

people feel and experience what they’re trying to do from a value system, is a daunting task. To do this, you have to use lots of touch points with engagement.

Small Employers Struggling

Harmeyer’s experience has allowed him to work with a variety of nationally known organizations. In turn, he sees one area where the majority of small employers struggle the most.

Because today’s economy is more responsive and agile than ever before, Harmeyer shares in this episode that there is one key area these smaller organizations need to focus on.

Brand vs Product

Scott and Harmeyer believe that many organizations focus too heavily on the brand and what consumers want. However, they argue that your team needs to understand the goals of the organization before they can best help the customers.

In all, it’s about creating an organization and environment that taps into people’s want and desires to do their best work, says Scott McGohan.

In order to connect with your employees, Scott believes you must incorporate five tools. In his experience, these utilizing these five areas of culture has helped create a motivated culture at McGohan Brabender.

To learn about these five areas, how to take your organization and leadership abilities to the next level, listen to this episode of Side Affects.

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About our Guest

Greg Harmeyer is the Founder and Managing Partner at Teir1 Performance Solutions. Founded in 2003, Tier1 Performance has over 1,000 employees and is focused on providing knowledge management, change management, talent management and learning solutions to large commercial and government organizations.

To learn more about Harmeyer and his team, head over to their website at Tier1Performance.com

Notes and Resources

In this episode of Side Affects, Greg Harmeyer discusses the importance of mental health on performance. His team discovered that communication around mental health is lacking for most organizations. To solve this, Tier1 launched a new program called “start the conversation”. Initially launched internally, Start the Conversation has been a huge success for their team. Since then, they are now providing it for any company to use. See the links below to learn more.


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