032: Captives with Mike Suttman

About this Episode

The right funding option offers protection from financial risk at the right cost to employers.

However, funding options lie on two spectrums, that can cause a variety of challenges for employers.

On the left side of the spectrum, is the fully insured options. In this, smaller companies are selling risk back to the insurance company while paying them a premium. This places the insurance company on the hook for any claims incurred during that period of time.

On the other end of the spectrum, are employers who are self-funded. These companies pay their our own claims and in some cases, fund their own healthcare system internally.

But what options are available to the mid-sized employer?

Mike Suttman and Scott McGohan inside the studio
Mike Suttman joins Scott McGohan inside the podcast studio


A captive provides a cost-saving strategy for medium-sized employers. Captives provide an option for funding an employer’s health insurance or medical insurance at a lower risk.

Captives logically group companies on a variety of factors including their size, risk tolerance, funding level, and more.

The results?

A better-funded pool of similar companies that allows the group to be more predictable. As a collection of employers, it becomes easier to predict the level of overall risk there will be in the group.

This episode of Side Affects takes a deeper dive into captives and how mid-sized employers can take advantage of this funding option.

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About our Guest

McGohan Brabender’s President and Shareholder, Mike Suttman joins CEO Scott McGohan in this episode of Side Affects.

Mike Suttman’s expertise is with insurance captives and communicating whether a business should or should not implement various plans for their success. He began his career with McGohan Brabender Senior Solutions and quickly rose to become Vice-President.

In this episode, Mike Suttman shares his expertise on captives.

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